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In 1930, Edward Hoyer (Edward Hoyer) granted this swing patent, which has been the hallmark of the Hoya chronograph for many centuries. This is not the reason in the new replica Carrera chronograph, this is Why the loss of this technology actually makes the new fake carrera chronograph a symbol of the spirit of TAG Heuer. The swing pinion is a horizontal clutch, once the chronograph is activated, it can transmit power to the second hand. This is an achievement that has been used for decades by the Hall timer, which is actually so good. So in 1969, in the joint venture between Breitling and dubois de pro Heuer, even other chronographs used the same technology. Earlier this year, they released their first automatic photos with oltavia monaco and herrera, and the Carrera replica sports chronograph was released. What's exciting is that we are all looking forward to the arrival of slot machines in September that will not disappoint them. 

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The Carrera fake chronograph was released this month. Therefore, this year, we have two new replica Carrera chronographs for you to choose from. The 44mm replica Carrera Sport chronograph, referred to as the fake Carrera chrono, is 42mm long. There are four different types. Style: black and blue dial with metal bracelet, gray and silver replica watches sale in China dial with leather strap. The new career chrono embodies the spirit of Hoyer in many ways. This is the purest form of Herrera. Just like Jack Hoyer imagined, I wanted a dial with a simple and clear dial design. I decided to use the inner bevel of the glass tension ring to engrave the mark. Here you can clearly see the minute mark on the chapter ring. This makes it easier for you to read the time while driving without speeding up The measuring instrument diverts your attention, the dial is absolutely clean and tidy, messy, and the dial is more concise. This is also reflected in the six positions. Even if the hands and the date window remain in the same space, the new replica Carrerachronos is still in the materials and finishes department Shine, the dial here is brushed with sunlight, while the sporty chronial has a radial surface treatment. The case is polished to contrast with the more brushed finish of the sporty version. The lugs are also very narrow. 

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Most old Hoya likes Everyone will be pleased to see that the pushers and softer bevels and arcs make the bracelet more satin polished and can adapt to your environment well. These Carrera knock off watches are more suitable for use at home because the appearance of leather looks more Formal and elegant, for the sake of elegance, you have to solve for the less luminous replica watch. Finally, the index of all models is completed. The silver dial version comes with a gold sports dial, but the index may be good because there is no loom in between, it is more sporty The chronograph is much thinner, if you want to ask TAG Heuer what it wants, a cleaner dial has a loom on the mark so it won't be completely invisible in the dark, while the dial proudly displays the Heuer 02 mark With its 80-hour power reserve, what can be placed behind the work is the back cover of the display case that echoes the Heuer 02 movement. The rotor here has the same elegant appearance as the replica watches sale case. It uses gold instead of sports timing. The finished black rotor on the fake watch is completed. The difference from the Heuer 02 movement is that the Heuer chronograph is known for its swing pinion. The reason why this swing pinion is deleted is the jean-claude weaver tag heuer ceo explaining why the design is new replica TAG Heuer Carrera, we were faced with a choice inspired by retro inspiration. We chose the latter attack aircraft and carried out a modern renovation. 

We went all out to design our innovative future replica watches by predicting tomorrow's needs. For consumers, this ideal is to attract many collectors to the pursuit of vintage replica TAG Heuer watches, they are full of preference for innovation and racing. We now come to the second reason, that is, these new Carrera fake watches embody the avant-garde TAG Heuer spirit technology or the mark in the company. The s name means the realization of new or experimental ideas in the timepieces it manufactures, even if it means abandoning that beloved rocking point of view, TAG Heuer abandons it in order breitling replica watches sale to weave the progress of the watchmaking brand. Because the knitter was asked if we will see the swaying pinion, he will say it again in the future, say no, because the vertical clutch can provide more accurate timing according to the joystick, and the second hand will not jump forward or backward when the chronograph is started. , This sometimes happens with the swing pinion, and even its iconic feature plus the vertical clutch is the more complicated part that many of our customers and connoisseurs are looking for. 

This is the spirit of the tag, from label quality control to label lawyers, We have been questioning the identity of Tag TAG Heuer. Material procurement and marketing, but perhaps it is time to abandon these prestigious TAG Heuer watches and once again consider the brand as one of the leading innovators in the watchmaking industry, which makes Herrera faithful to the essence of vintage chronographs. Love the TAG Heuer era before the offensive, but it always focuses its vision and ideals on the progress embodied by the brand, and maintains its symbolic beauty in time, so that TAG Heuer is loyal to the tradition of its car root brand and pursues innovation , All these ideals are not measured by looking back at the past, but every inch from now to the future.


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