Fake TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 CBG2A10.FT6168

We will discuss a brand new movement today, which represents the replica TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 movement that represents the heat from the inside out. The presence and technical specifications on the wrist and the more expensive lvmh stability fake watch are even equivalent to the Hublot Big Bang. Unico is excellent, so how does this compare to unico? After we are sure that your wrist is big enough, we will talk for a while, because this is a large replica watch with a diameter of 45 mm. You can see that it is stainless steel and black ceramic, and the thickness is 15.7 mm. At 52mm on the wrist, although the width of the factory strap is wider than 23mm, you can see that it is a traditional lug, but the actual connection is a little shoulder on part of the strap, so you can install 23mm at the factory Strap The strap is actually wider than the buckle that pops up and opens now. As I want to introduce later, we will discuss the hardware and software. 

Fake TAG Heuer Carrera

Let's take a look at this fake watch on a normal-sized wrist. Now I The circumference of the wrist is 16 cm, you will find that the sitting position of the replica watch is actually lower than expected, but its wrist is not a super clone watch nearly 16 mm thick, but its width is very large. You can see each of my There is a little gap on one side. What I want to say is that if your wrist is 16 cm in circumference like mine, it may be the lower limit that anyone else can wear this knock off watch, and you want a smaller the watches, because this is a big and sturdy watch fake, you can see the barrel shot down when the top shot was shot, and the cuff shot was shot again, not bad, the strap I mentioned it and the watch replica The ears and the case are a bit interlocked. 

You can see that s continues to appear as small inserts on both sides, so there is no daylight display between the end of the strap and the side of the case. Now the strap is perforated, which means it can Very well breathable, this is also an attractive sporty styling element. The tag hook protective cover is molded, and you can fake watches see that the joint looks very integrated, almost like a bracelet, with a little shoulder, so the side stripes Added a bit of clarity, and then you can see that it is indeed thinner and closer to the buckle, so flexibility is excellent, you should also note that there are no perforations here because it uses a crimping system, so once you are sure The size, the excess cable tie will be wrapped under the buckle, so it is very clean when closed, there is no disturbing ring on the other side of the strap, any excessive length is actually tucked under the buckle, which is a steel The clasp is very sturdy, with a hallway guard on it, and a dual trigger release system, so it won't pop out accidentally. 

Fake Heuer 02

In this large-scale sport, there are many safety devices on the wrist, and the case is very sharp. Those traditional hooks have protruding ears, they have been pushing the corners hard, and they have clearly separated from the case. These bands are not integrated ears. They don't. Since the earliest Carrera fake watch dates back to 1963, they have given the replica watch all the power. Carrera fake-style lugs have almost become used to describe this lug connection and this angular shape. A phrase for the contour of the lugs, although the case is mostly satin-finished. As you can see, between the ends of the lugs, there are some polished elements and red accents on the underside of the lugs, giving it a sporty three-tone silver-red and black. You can also see that the fixed part of the edge of the bezel is polished and then polished on the top, but there are embedded characters for indexing, numbers and tachometer symbols on the top can also set a higher protective cover, you The chronograph can be used in conjunction with the attack profession to measure the speed of, for example, a car within one kilometer. 

Of course, the timepiece is calibrated to a relatively high 400 unit, so it can be used to measure the speed of things moving very fast, otherwise You must be proficient in the position after the decimal point, because there is a hood on the crown, I really feel that TAG Heuer is starting to dilute the label part of the name, because there is a number that is not mentioned in the collection now that the replica Heuer brand replica watch is not even mentioned Technical Devonshire god, and then you will see that the shield itself does not mention the label name when moving to the inside, you will see that the pusher itself has a red and black shoulder, they are pump pushers, there are around the shoulders A little shoulder, as a shear shield, you can see the crown itself. This is a 100-meter water-resistant rolex replica, but it is a push-down crown with rubber shoulders for easy grip and then open the dial. This is Jean Claude's first fashion launch at ublo. 

The arrow style has been opened before ventilation and can be seen to end with the TAG Heuer label. When he took over the brand at the end of 2014, the super clone watch worked well. This is Clear and easy to read, this is not common for open dial types, you can see the index of rhodium-plated steel or the cantilever in the center is easy to judge. The hands are also plated with rhodium to make them shiny, silver luster, close to the dial chassis, the dial chassis is mainly anthracite nickel and black, you can see the hoyer movement below zero, which is good for you, because it It looks very beautiful, but if you look closely, there is a date clock between four o'clock and five o'clock. It has the function of timing or stopping the second hand fake rolex and the quick setting of the date. The white panel has a backlit hollow date dial surrounding the dial. You can see that there are many Changes On this dial, you can see that the chronograph fake Carrera Heuer 02 has some inherent self-promoting effects, but when you turn it over, it takes it to a new level. This was the birth of the Heuer 02 movement, because the ch-80 was discontinued and finally restored after its debut in the tourbillon, which is a column wheel. The power reserve of the vertical clutch is 75 to 80 hours. 

It is a unique movement with a 33-joule four-hertz beat rate. Chevron built this movement specifically. Now you can see that the timepiece is water-resistant to 100 meters, which means As you can see that this is a swimable water fake watch, the movement looks good. Although it is not hand-finished, it has achieved standard finishing mechanically, so the back of the showcase can be guaranteed. I also often like to use the edicron adjuster, which means that now, if you look closely, you can easily make precise adjustments to timing and beat errors. You can see that there is a red-coated column wheel on the top of the screen, so the The column wheel is visible. I have to say that the wheel hub of this guide column is one of the best replica watches I have ever encountered. It is indeed very sharp. You will hear it satisfy you. This is a An expensive thing, if you feel that way, it can provide wrist-on-the-wrist at all levels. This is the replica Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Chronograph.


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